Brink Truck transport

Marine Transportation

Tower Marine Boat Sales has relationships with numerous marine trucking firms – but we are very proud to recommend Brink Truck Lines in Holland, Michigan as our top-tier trucking company.

Brink Truck Lines currently operates across the country hauling all different sizes of boats. The size of the yachts they have been primarily hauling is 30’-58’ – and Brink is proud to have quality drivers who are experienced in hauling oversized loads. As the factory hauler for Tiara & Pursuit Yachts, Brink has experienced drivers who love what they do, along with new, dependable equipment, enable them to ensure your product will arrive on time. Brink’s commitment is “Safely. On Time”. They will get your product to its destination without any damage and within the time set to deliver.

If you are considering the purchase of a smaller boat, we have other transport companies that we work with that can get your boat to your destination. Just let us know and we will be happy to assist you with the footwork.
If you are considering the purchase of one of our boats, we will work with you on all the logistics to get your boat prepped for shipment, loaded on the transport trailer – even send you photos of the boat loaded up if you wish.